Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Love those Long-haired Lifeguards

My oldest sister, Lainee, is a rocker through and through. She loves Kip Winger, leather pants, fast cars and especially long hair. The following story will prove that this is genetic:

Lainee took her 4-year-old daughter, Meagan, to the swimming pool. Lainee noticed that Meagan kept smiling and smiling at the lifeguard--a teenager with long brown hair.

LAINEE: “What are you looking at, Meagan?”
MEAGAN: “That guy over there. I really like him.”
MEAGAN: “Do you think I will marry him?”
LAINEE: “I think you have a little while before you’ll have to worry about that.”

Meagan had her first crush, and of course it was on a boy with long hair. When I asked her how old this boy was she said, “Probably 17.”
“Wow, that’s old,” I said.
“Yeah,” she replied, “I can’t even count that high.”

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