Thursday, September 23, 2004

MP3 Blogs—The Next Big Thing

As a novice blogger, I am always quite surprised by all of the new things that I am finding exist out there in cyber world. Thanks to the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine I learned about my new cyber entity--MP3 blogs.

Instead of writing about their personal lives, MP3 bloggers post a song or two every day by usually obscure artists and then write about why it is a good track.

I think it is a wonderful idea. I am always looking for new bands to get excited about. This gives me a way to check out bands that I would otherwise never hear of in a lifetime.

In my limited searching I have found some really cool blogs. Some of the music has been good, and some has been thoroughly uninteresting. The important thing, for me at least, is the search. I get very excited about finding a hidden gem this way.

A few blogs to try:

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Anonymous said...

Very cool idea. --P.T.