Monday, September 13, 2004

The Traci Celebration

Greetings from Seth

Today is the fourth and final day of Traci's "Birthday Extravaganza!" By next year I am sure that she will find a way to stretch it to an entire week.

I took her out to Tucci's for dinner on Friday night. Since it was her birthday I was forced to watch "13 Going on 30" when we got back home. It's the girl version of "Big." The difference between the two movies was that "Big" was good. (Also, I remember being a little guy and thinking that the lady Tom Hanks falls in love with was SO HOT!!)

Saturday wasn't really birthday-related. We went to see my friend Tiffany's new house in Lehi. I don't generally like having to drive further south than 106th, but I was willing to make an exception because Tiffany makes some great Mexican food. The enchilladas were worth the drive.

Traci was treated to the Sutherland family birthday on Sunday night. My mom called at 6:30 wondering where we were. I thought the party started at 6:30, but I guess it was really at 6 p.m. Whoops. Here's the definition of a Sutherland party: Lainee and Jenny's kids running around like crazy, much screaming and lots of Play-doh everywhere. Four-year-old Meagan also laughed hysterically after calling me "Smelly Spencer."

We're going out with Traci's parents tonight. She's sad that after tonight there won't be any more birthday gifts, but she got lots of gift certificates and I'm sure she'll be able to console herself through shopping.

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