Thursday, September 23, 2004

Where is Izzy Stradlin?

I was listening to "Use Your Illusion II" by Guns 'n Roses tonight. In the short period before the band's inplosion they wrote a ton of good songs. I was looking through the liner notes and Izzy Stradlin wrote most of the music. Where is Izzy now? Does anybody know?

When you think about G 'n R you think about Axl and Slash. Axl has gone nuts and now Slash is rockin' in Velvet Revolver. I checked VR out, but it's not that great. I've just figured out the reason why--Izzy Stradlin. You can't deny Axl Rose is the coolest frontman ever, but really the X factor (I can't believe I just said "X Factor") is definitely Izzy.

Izzy, where are you? Rockers everywhere need you!

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resident jason said...

izzy stradlin rules! i loved the first ju ju hounds album! come back izzy.....please save rock n roll.