Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The Bellamy Brothers in Action

I went to my first country concert last week at the Utah State Fair. I absolutely hate country music, but I am a nice brother. I went with my sister Jenny (no one else would go with her) to see her favorite country band, The Bellamy Brothers . The Bellamy Brothers had their first hit in 1976 and they rock pretty good for old cowboys. Here's some of the sights and sounds of the evening:


Hit songs such as:

  • "Give Me a Redneck Girl"
  • "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me?"
  • "Reggae Cowboy"


  • Many Wranglers
  • Old, old people dancing together
  • Drunk guy absolutely loving it

Because I work at a redneck credit union, we listen to country music on the Muzak about three days a week. Thanks (but no thanks) to that, I knew four songs by the opening act Carolyn Dawn Johnson. How embarrasing.

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Anonymous said...

Familial compassion indeed, attending a country concert. P.T.