Sunday, November 06, 2005

Birthing Class #3: Block Busters

At the start of class, our instructor gave each couple a pregnancy crossword puzzle to test how well we had been listening our previous sessions. After a few minutes we went over the answers as a class. The gentleman sitting next to me was very anxious to show the class how much he had learned.

Teacher: An incision sometimes made in the perineum-

Guy next to me: EPISIOTOMY!

Teacher: Good. The opening or "neck" of the uter-


Guy's wife (quietly): Shhh. Okay, you've answered some questions.

Teacher: Blood tinged dischar-


Guy's wife
(not so quietly): Alright, you need to chill. Seriously.

Mucous Plug! That's a hard one. Boy, this guy was good. He should be on Pregnancy Jeopardy, he'd be the next Ken Jennings.

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