Sunday, November 06, 2005

Birthing Class #4: The Ultimate Fast Food

I am convinced that if people went to birthing class before they got pregnant, no one would ever get pregnant. I'm telling you, child birth is gross and extremely complicated. At class #4 we took a tour of the hospital. We went around the labor/delivery rooms, the c-section rooms and the postpartum rooms. Our tour guide even said we could look at a bunch of umbilical cords in a fridge if we wanted. I chose to stay out in the hall and one of the pregnant lady's "partners" (who was a 16-year-old girl) told me I was being a wuss. I gave her my coldest stare and stayed where I was.

After the tour we went into a classroom for a lesson on breast feeding. We watched a video from 1985 about "the most recent scientific studies." Talk about propaganda, not only is breast feeding like the best thing in the entire world ever, but one of the section headings was actually "Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Fast Food." One of the testimonial characters said, "My baby loves it. It's always the right flavor, the right tempature and the right amount. And I love it 'cause it's FREE!"

One more class to go.

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