Sunday, January 28, 2007

Say Yes to Ogden!

Moros Eros

We tried to get a show with metal band Hurt at the Avalon in Murray. We didn't get it, but as a consolation prize, we were offered a show in Ogden. Though we weren't really sure if we wanted to make the cold trip up to O-town, we decided to say yes.

This will be our first show since November-ish, when we played at Kilby and decided that it's not really that fun to keep playing to the same empty room. But Ogden is a new place. Hey, maybe Ogden has been waiting for us. Maybe it's the untapped market that will push Johnny Tightlips to the forefront of rockdom. Who knows.

So if any of you are in Weber County on Tuesday night...

Johnny Tightlips
I Am the Ocean
Casket Salesmen
In Manhattan
The Cosmonauts
Moros Eros

at the Country Club Theater,
3930 Washington Blvd

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