Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Song for a Depressing Thursday

For those of you who are sick about the fact that it's only Thursday morning, which means that there is still all of today and tomorrow before the weekend - and there's like no more holidays until President's Day (my job doesn't recognize MLK Jr. Day, hmmm....), here's a little song for you.

Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah) [MP3]

Here's my take on this song, and Brand New's latest album The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. It's the musical equivalent of feeling like God doesn't like you, and even more disappointing, realizing that Satan doesn't have your back, either. Like Brand New's previous two releases, this one's not great all the way through, but the good stuff (like this opening track) are so good that it's easy to overlook the weaknesses of the whole. Having the best title and artwork, not to mention having as your band's website, can't hurt either.

Anyway, have a great, angry Thursday.

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