Friday, February 16, 2007

Fare thee well, Orange County

There's only one episode of The OC left, and then it's dunzo. I'm just trying to keep it together up in here. I know this season was going to be disappointing the very first episode, when Ryan decided to deal with Marissa's death by joining a fight club, but I've hung in there. (That's more than I can say for my eternal companion, who keeps saying "This is why this show is being canceled...because it's stupid!)

I've stuck with The OC for four seasons. Heck, I was just 23 years old when Ryan first moved next door the Coopers. I've lived through Luke's gay dad, Marissa's drug-abusing psychopath boyfriend Oliver, the exit and return of cute Anna, Marissa's lesbian girlfriend Alex, Summer's boyfriend Zach and Seth's boyfriend Che. What am I going to do now? What am I going to do?

The Hills just isn't the same, and I think there's only a few episodes of The White Rapper Show left. First Arrested Development, now The OC? Fox Network, what have I done to deserve this?

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