Sunday, March 18, 2007

DV-R U Okay?

We had our first DVR mishap this week. The contraption holds 100 hours of TV, which seems like more TV than you'd ever record. Well, I guess I didn't take into consideration that when you tape three hours of MTV music videos every night (MTV only shows videos in the middle of the night, so I DVR 'em. Three hours of MTV only equates to six or seven videos and they're all Gwen Stefani.) it adds up quickly. When you surpass the 100-hour limit, it starts deleting your shows. Traci had taped all of the episodes of Extras, only to have them all deleted. She was not happy with me. Not happy. I lost a bunch of episodes of The Office and Ratt Behind the Music. But we're dealing. We cleaned out the DVR, canceled all of the stupid videos, and life begins again.

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