Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mehmet Okur Blues

"Why is Mehmet Okur the same age as me, yet he looks like he's 35?" Traci asked me at the Jazz game last night. Traci's love of books and numbers led her to read the game program, which led her to feel bad about her age. She was shocked when she saw how much older she is than a lot of the players - Deron Williams is only is 23, Paul Millsap is only 22.

While Traci spent the whole night feeling very concerned about this realization, it led to me to a great discovery - Memo's personal website. It is so super awesome that you have to register as a Memo fan to get to see some of the stuff, so of course I registered. Plus you can read it in both English and Turkish.

Traci asked me if Memo thinks it's pretty sweet to be a rich man in the U.S. I am sure he does, but judging by the looks of his Turkish supermodel wife, things were probably pretty good in the homeland as well.

Memo loves pictures. Here's one from his anniversary:

Check out those roses! Memo, you so romantic.

And that's not all. You could also have this Memo glamour shot as the wallpaper on your personal computer:


Traci said...

Let it be known that I counted and I am older than 8 of 13 players on the team. At least Matt Harping is older than me.

Anonymous said...

Harpring- I mean Harpring.