Monday, April 09, 2007

Replaced by, well, nothing.

The second week after Traci and moved into our little house on Knollcrest Street, I was asked to fill in and lead the music in Priesthood meeting opening exercises. The next week I think they asked me again, and then the next week they just asked me with their eyes. Four years later I was still leading the music, the de facto chorister.

Each time I have received an additional calling (at one point I think I had three concurrently) I said, "So, do you think you could call somebody to lead the music in Priesthood?" Each time the bishopric said, "Yeah, sure." When I started holding Paige while leading the music, I guess they decided it really was time to get someone new.

So after four years of asking, they called a new guy to do the job a couple of months ago. I have noticed that he doesn't really show up very often. He was absent again yesterday so they just played the music sans chorister. And you know what, it worked just fine. So after my years of service I wasn't replaced by a human or a robot. I was replaced by nothing. By thin air. That's good for the old self esteem.

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