Sunday, May 13, 2007

Three Hour Block

Going to church with an 18-month-old is a struggle at best. Though the three hours couldn't be longer for Traci and I, for Paige, the church building is like Jungle Jim's. She loves running up and down the hallways, through the gym, up the stairs to the stage, and pounding on the many pianos.

Her latest discovery has been the water fountains. Two weeks ago she realized that if she smacked it, water would come out. Last week she would smack the button and then quickly try to touch the water as it shot out, but wasn't fast enough to make it work. Fortunately, she found an accomplice. Another little boy about her age came over and held down the button so she could splash her hands in the water. In return, she held out her wet hands and he licked her fingers.

Today she was being very courteous and holding down the button for anyone who came to get a drink. However, she decided how much water they needed. In her most creative move, she learned that she could give her hands a break by pushing the button with her forehead. I am afraid we have a genius on our hands.

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