Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still Deaf

So I went to "real" doctor. He looked in my ear and said with congratulations, "That's the worst ear infection I've seen in a long time." So I guess the week of antibiotics didn't do much. Now I'm on a different prescription. I asked him when I was going to be able to hear again and he said it might be two more weeks. While I was sitting in the waiting room the nurse was standing in doorway saying something over and over. I finally looked at her at said, "Are you saying Spencer?" She was. I guess I'm deafer than I thought.


Elder Hud said...

Who in the what now?

So your experience with the express care is very similar to mine. I went to them earlier this year being a good health care citizen, doing my part to reduce costs.

Two more visits and one month later I finally got better. It was only a week after I visited the 'real doctor' when I finally was better.

ribbij said...

man that sucks. too bad your friend in the business couldn't give any helpful advice.