Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Romantic Vacation Getaway: SLC in January

Our friend Rhett and his girlfriend Liz spent the weekend at our house. When we heard the doorbell I said, "Paige, let's open the door."
"Open door!" she parroted. But then the second she saw them, her eyes teared up.

Over the next three days, every time she made eye contact with Rhett, she'd either say "bub-bye friends" or "open door?" She finally decided to warm up them about 30 minutes before they went back home. When they really left, the sad "bub-bye friends" were replaced by happy "see ya's," kisses and hugs. She then napped peacefully for the next two hours.

I don't know how much fun Rhett and Liz had, but I had a great vacation. In just one day I ate at both the Chuck O' Rama and made my first trip to Benihana. I kept thinking of that episode of The Office when they go to Benihana and Dwight can't hear anything anyone is saying. And Michael brings the Asian waitresses back to the office, but has to mark one of their hands with a Sharpie because he can't remember which is which.

There was one really sad part of the weekend. Liz shattered my entire world view when she told me CSI:Miami, with all of its white, linen suits and aviator sunglasses, is not really filmed in Miami. It's actually filmed in Long Beach, California, right around the corner from Liz's college. I wonder if Snoop Dogg knows what kind of shenanigans are being pulled, right in his hometown.

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