Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NYC Day One: The Light in Traci's Eyes

Joseph Beuys' felt suit: Allison's favorite display at the MoMa

Eating Greek food outside the MoMa, when a bearded 20-something approaches us.

BEARDY: [To all] Do you like my clothes?

ALL: Uh, yeah.

BEARDY: [To me] Do you like my hair?

ME: It's okay, I guess.

BEARDY: [To all] Do you like my shoes?

NOAH: Yes.

BEARDY: They're just normal shoes.

BEARDY: [To Traci] What is your name?

TRACI: Traci Sutherland.

BEARDY: What are your parents' names?

TRACI: Drew and Cathie.

BEARDY: [To Traci] You have a light in your eyes. [Walks away.]

ALLISON: [To Traci] He just stole your identity.

TRACI: My parents' last name is not Sutherland. Ha! Joke's on him.

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