Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back to Eastern Daylight Time

Downtown Cincinnati

Just three weeks after making it to the East Coast for my first time, I’m back in a foreign time zone. My friend Kaleb was nice enough to drag me along on a work thing, so I’ll be spending the weekend here in Cincinnati.

Our eight-hour journey began when Kaleb picked me up at 4:30 this morning. It has included:
  1. A trip on a teeny Air Canada plane (and you know how I feel about Canada), where Kaleb and I were asked to move from our first row seats to fill in some empty spots in the back during takeoff because the plane was “a little front heavy.”

  2. A three-hour layover in Denver, where we passed the time watching some episodes of Arrested Development on the laptop.

  3. Two-and-a-half relatively uneventfully hours from Denver to the Cincinnati airport.

  4. A taxi ride from the airport in Kentucky to the hotel in downtown Cincinnati, one of only three taxi rides I can remember taking in my entire life. (The driver texted the whole time.)

  5. I’m now hanging out at the hotel, waiting for my friend Wix, who is now a Cincinnati native, to come pick me up. I have absolutely no idea what tonight has in store.

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