Sunday, December 19, 2010

Memories Make Me Want to Go Back There

The Weezer show was everything I could have hoped for. Sooo good. They started off with a "time machine" set--rockin' hits from each of their albums, starting with "Memories" and working their way back chronologically. (Standouts were the three b-sides You Gave You Love to Me Softly, Susanne, Jamie.)

Pt. I was high energy and fun--Rivers running around in the crowd, etc.--followed by an intermission, where long-time manager Karl showed a slideshow of band memories (awesome).

Pt. II was all business.

They played Pinkerton in it's entirety, without saying a word. It was straight-forward, note-for-note, and perfect. Every song was amazing and, just like the record, got even better at the end.

When they reached Butterfly, I still wanted more but knew there was nothing left. Rivers apologized. In song. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorrr-er-y."

And then to walk out of the club after an amazing show and into the lights of Time Square? Pretty amazing.

(Best. Christmas present. Ever. Thank you, dear wife.)

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