Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dancing Queen

Paige has taken Swimming Level I twice. She's yet to pass it because she refuses to put her face in the water. Nevertheless, she loves to go to class. (Mostly because the kids get to play on the slides at the end.)

Traci signed Paige up for her first dance class a few weeks ago. We thought she might like it, but even if she didn't, we figured it would be good to get her some exposure to different activities. Because she's such a worrier, I don't think Traci even told her about the class until they were in the car and on their way. Paige met the news with trepidation.

"How 'bout we go to swimming class instead."

"Oh come on," Traci said. "You'll like it."

And she did.

Paige has now completed her first five session course and already had her first dance recital.

Watching a bunch of five-year-old girls dance was certainly entertaining.

TEACHER: "When you do your roll, you all need to roll in the same direction or you'll roll over each other."

They certainly did.

I was a very proud dad when I saw Paige up on the stage doing her performance of "It's a Hard Knock Life." Unfortunately, I also realized I am not properly equipped to be a good stage dad. I need a video camera with a better zoom and I also need to get more aggressive and become that guy who brings a tripod and sets it up right in front of everyone.

Despite the poor quality, here's a little montage of the first session of dancing.


Unknown said...

Hey on her not putting her face in the water at swim lessons bring her to me and i will get her to put her face in the water!!! She may not like me the first couple of times bit she will end up doing it!!! :-)

Cathie said...

She is a dancing queen!