Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Latter-Day Sutherlands

With Paige always worried that Heavenly Father is trying to steal her stuff, it's a bit tough to get her excited about having Family Home Evening.

This is the conversation I had with her last Monday night after dinner.

PAIGE: Dad, what does canceled mean?

ME: It's when something doesn't happen. Like when your dance class got canceled because your teacher was sick.

PAIGE: So, like, when someone has a cold something might be canceled?

ME: Yeah.

Then here's what happened after we all sat down for family night. And by all, I mean our family, plus all of Paige's Tinkerbell dolls and Curtis' monster trucks.

PAIGE: Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. We can't start family night yet.

[She comes back with her toy microphone.]

PAIGE: [Into her microphone] I have an announcement. Tinkerbell is sick. [Pause for emphasis] So family night is CANCELED!
What an awful little genius.

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