Monday, September 26, 2011

The Innocent Prayer of a (n Evil) Child

Now that Paige is all religious, Curtis has followed suit. So of course they fight over who's going to say the prayer (I don't think that either of them is as interested in saying the prayer as they are in making sure that the other one doesn't get to say it.)

This morning, we had the usual fight over who's turn it was. Curtis freaked out, and instead of just praying at the same time as Paige (only much louder) like he normally does, he took a more drastic approach. The second Paige closed her eyes, he grabbed a bottle of lotion and chucked it right at her head.

Are we the only family that has to pause mid-prayer to put their kids in time out?


Jeanie said...

My kids pray about the others bad qualities. As in: "Please help Mark to listen better" or--my favorite--"Please help Savannah to be quiet when we pray." Amen to that.

Karin said...

Well I think we have a worse problem because both of our kids who can talk refuse to pray. But I hope Paige's head is ok.

su-tang 3000 said...

Please or a curse? Just this morning Paige said, "I'm not saying prayers anymore."