Monday, April 16, 2012

Soccer Season Returns

Paige has played soccer. Curtis has played soccer. But never at the same time. This season we've got them both signed up. I hope we have enough arms for this.

Back when we signed them up, they were both pretty excited about playing. That changed for Paige on Easter when she was playing soccer with her cousins on my mom's front lawn. After getting inadvertently bumped while going for the ball, she stomped off in tears and hid in the backyard. When she finally came back, she tearfully pleaded, "Unsign me up."

We didn't.

She had her first game this morning and there was lots of bumping. But she did better than she ever has before. Usually, she kid who is only interested in being in the neighborhood of the action, Paige spent the whole game right in the middle of the six-year-old scrum. Traci and I were two very proud soccer moms.


Poor Curtis' game got cancelled this morning. He was scheduled for the first game of the morning and it was still pretty rainy at game time. He's been wearing his jersey--and his cleats--every minute since we picked it up on Wednesday.

He was a little bummed out when he found out his team would be called the Silver Bullets, instead of the Gray Jets like he wanted. He would have even settled for his other two name choices: the Gray Monster Trucks or the Gray T-Rexs. Both catchy, eh?

Luckily, I don't think that he realized that his game got cancelled because he had practice yesterday. When we were heading home from the field this morning, he said to me, "Paige played against the blue team. We played against no team."

We'll pray for sunshine next week.

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