Monday, April 01, 2013

At the Ballgame

It's hard to buy gifts for my parents because they don't need anything anymore. So instead of giving them  more things, my sisters and I try to give them stuff they can do--play tickets, gift cards, etc.

A few months, when we were trying to find a Christmas present for my dad, my sister Jenny came up with a great idea: tickets to the Rockies/Mariners pre-season exhibition game in Salt Lake. I, however, dropped the ball immediately thereafter. Instead of buying tickets the day they went on sale, like Jenny asked, I waited until day number two. Big mistake. They were completely sold out.

Luckily, my dad doesn't need the help of his lousy kids. Thanks to a hookup, he not only got two tickets to the game, but two tickets on the third row behind home plate. 

In classic Sutherland fashion, the invitation to come along was extended to me thusly:

[Me in a room with both of my parents]

Mom: So do you have everything arranged to go to the game with your dad?

Me: [Looking at my dad] Well, we hasn't asked me.

Dad: [Looking at my mom] Well, Martha, I thought you were going with me.

Mom: Me? I don't want to sit outside at a cold baseball game!

Dad: It's supposed be be 65 degrees!

And that was the end of that.


Two days later, my dad called me about the game.

Dad: So, you'll probably need to be here by about noon on Saturday so we can be on time.

Me: I thought mom was going with you?

Dad: Well, you can be her backup.

Me: Traci is working on Saturday. I'll have to find a babysitter.

Dad: Your mom can tend them.

Sweet. I was in.


It was a perfect day for baseball--sunny and 68 degrees, with a slight breeze. I felt pretty lucky to be watching a couple of major league teams...playing in minor league stadium...set to the backdrop of a snow-capped mountains...with my dad (who even smiled for a picture--I don't think he knew what I was doing when I pointed my phone at both of us).

Couldn't have asked for a better afternoon.


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Great story Spencer!