Saturday, March 01, 2014

Gag Me.

Kids love stickers, right? Not Tate. We live in a house full of kids and even more full of all sorts of stickers. But if one ever ends up on Tate's hand or foot, he starts freaking out...and then gagging. 

Who knew a kid could be allergic to stickers? This is problematic because everywhere you go, people want to give 'em out -- at school, at the doctor, at the grocery store. 

"That little guy is just so cute," they all say, "can he have a sticker?" 

Stickers aren't the only thing that gives Tate fits. The other night, I was unpacking a box and Curtis was tearing up the styrofoam and turning it into "snow" and chucking it at Tate. 

The next thing I heard was shouts coming from the hallway.  "Eew! Gross! Tate threw up!"

I ran out and picked Tate up. "What's the matter, buddy? Are you okay?"

In his soft little voice, he relied,"Curtis threw snow in my hair."

I got the styrofoam out of his hair, and the dirty shirt off his body, and he was just fine. 

That's my boy. The pukey kid. 

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