Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sutherlands in the City

Santa brought the kids a three-month pass to Discovery Gateway for Christmas. It's been nice during the winter to have somewhere to take them where they can run around. Yesterday, we braved the wind and gloom to get in one last visit before the three months were up.

It was a good day for make believe.

Like riding horses. 

And driving cars. (Curtis' aversion to photos continues.)

But the adventure didn't end there. After the Gateway, we took Trax to the downtown City Library. My kids love taking the train.

But before we made it to the library, we had to make a quick stop at the Dunkin Donuts across the street. 

There was plenty of adventure to be had at the library. 

Including a trip to the cold and windy rooftop. (Tate said, "I can see the whole city!" He then pointed toward the U. and said, "Look, I see our house!" "Yeah, buddy," I replied, "Just turn the other direction and look about 20 miles that way.") 

And lots of trips up and down the elevator. 

It was also fun to check out all the cool reading nooks in the kids' section. 

But Tate's favorite place was the tiny couch. 

Trains, elevators, donuts. Pretty much a perfect day for kids and a dad. 

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