Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Cards

Happy Mother's Day to Traci. She got some pretty sweet cards from her kids. 

Here's the text from Curtis' hand flower:

I love my mom because: 

"She's the best mom. She plays with me. She talks to me."

(Apparently, silent, brooding Curtis loves being talked to. Who knew?)

Paige had this to say: 

"Dear Mom,

Thank you for always being there for me, even though I might of been a bratt about it. One thing I like about you is your good leadership and your strong loyalty. I also like how you always believe in your family. Even when Curtis falls dramatically in soccer! Happy Mother's Day!"

(Leadership and loyalty? I think Traci should list Paige as a reference the next time she applies for a job.)

This little illustration accompanied the necklace Paige made for Traci.

The kids also made some homemade keychains for their mother. Tate wasn't too interested in making his, but when it was time to present the gifts this morning, he went into the kitchen, picked up a wooden car he'd painted last night and said, "Here, Mom. You can have my car." Pretty sweet.

My kids are lucky to have such a great mom.

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