Sunday, October 11, 2015


It's been a good season for Tate. In one game, he scored nine goals. Nine goals! A triple hat trick! (In the Pre-K league there are no goalies, but still...)

When someone asked him how many goals he'd scored, he replied, "I don't know. More than I can count on my ten hands." 

He's more of an athlete than a scholar. 

He spends the majority of the game smile. And why not?

Curtis, on the other hand, never smiles. He's just not that kind of guy. (I snapped this photo between him making horrible faces at me.)

Curtis has played for the same coach each of the past four seasons. Coach Javier is not only a great coach but he's become a good friend. 

Javier takes care of all the coaching and I'm in charge of doing all the texting. I send out all the reminders about practice, make sure that parents remember to bring treats, and let people know when the coach is running late. 

I figured this makes me the team communications director--an important role in any successful sports organization. When I described these duties to one of my coworkers, however, she responded, "So, you're the soccer mom?" 

"What? No," I said. "I make sure everything's running smoothly with the team."

"Yeah," she said. "Like a soccer mom."

"Yes," I replied, downtrodden. "Like a soccer mom." 

Despite his grumbling about playing soccer this season, Curt was pretty excited (in a Curtis kind of a way--exhibited in the form of a little half-smile) to score the game-winning goal during his first game on Saturday, and then to score two more during the second game.

Another soccer season in the books. Proud of my two soccer guys. 

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