Saturday, May 07, 2016

Princess Paige...Literally

Casting day. For weeks, Paige had been waiting to find out what part she'd be playing in her theater group's production of Aladdin

"I really, really want to be Princess Jasmine," she told me—for the thousand time—on the way to rehearsal. 

"I know, sweetheart. But I think every girl wants to be Jasmine," I said, trying to prepare her for the inevitable letdown. "There are lots of great parts, even if you're not the lead."

When I walked into the building to pick her back up, she came speedwalking right toward me. "So...what'dya get?" I asked. 

Though she kept walking, she turned her head toward me slightly and said, under her breath, "I got it." 

I could tell she was trying to keep her cool in front of the other girls, but despite her best efforts, she couldn't control the volume or pitch of her voice much longer.

"I got it."

"I GOT PRINCESS JASMINE!" she squealed. 

For the past seven months she's been learning songs, and for the last three she's memorized lines and dance moves and cues. On Saturday all that hard work paid off. 

She was a fantastic Jasmine who, for reasons only known to the director, also sang Taylor Swift and Eye of the Tiger. 

I love how brave she is. She doesn't even bat an eye at being in front of 200 strangers.

After channeling her inner repressed Arabian princess for 90 minutes, it was great to see her face light up as the crowd gave the kids a standing ovation.

Proud of our little thespian.

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