Saturday, September 16, 2017

Tate's First Utes Football Game

A knee replacement was band news for Grandpa Pearson but good news for Tate and me. 

It was a pretty great night for a little redhead to go to his first Utes football game. Here a just of the awesome things that happened BEFORE the game even started:

  • We took Trax to the game. Tate always likes taking the train but he was even more stoked when the fight song came over the loud speaker as we approached the stadium. 
  • He became the proud owner of a little Utes football, thanks to the generosity of his father. 
  • We were right next to the cannon when it went off before the game, scaring us to death.
  • The Navy SEALS parachuted onto 50 yard line, carrying American flags that were shooting sparklers

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