Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sacre Bleu!

Here's what happens when I watch World Cup (hup Holland hup, btw) and work on my Gospel Principles lesson right before bed...

I dreamt I was called on a mission to France. And P.S., I would be "serving" as a member of the French national soccer team. I told them that I hadn't played soccer competitively since the fourth grade. But you know what they say - "Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies." Right?


Friday, June 18, 2010

You Down with G.O.P.? Yeah, You Know Me

What's my reward for sitting through a debate about who can out-conservative whom and why global warming is just pretendsies? Literally one second of local TV time.

If you want to check it out, skip to 1:48 of the video clip, or just look at the screen capture above. That's my whole performance.


A 50-year-old pizza guy pulled into the neighbor's driveway while Curtis and I were playing in the front yard. He had the windows rolled down and he was blasting "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." This, of course, made Curtis instantly start dancing.

"I dancin', Dad. I dancin.'"

"Yes, son. Yes, you are."

My boy.

Classy Chassy

Now that I have a big boy job, I have to dress the part. That's why I bought these two new ties today. At Harmon's. That's right, Harmon's. The grocery store.

I'll race you suckers to the top of the corporate ladder.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Karate Kid

Curtis's transition into Nursery has been a bit rocky, but it seems like we're making some progress. He's crying a little less when I sneak out each week but we're still having some troubles with his behavior.

Traci is the primary song leader and does singing time with the Nursery kids every other week. Last week, Curtis walked up to her during a song all sweet-like, kicked her in the shin, and then sat back down.

He's a real treasure.

I Pooh in Blue

This commercial almost makes up for all the hours of Nick Jr. I've had to suffer through over the past few years. I wonder what Mr. Huggies CEO thought the first time the advertising agency pitched this idea.

P.S. I'm fairly positive this is the style Curtis will be rockin' this summer.
I entertained myself during church today by singing the hymns in a Bob Dylan voice.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hoop Dreams

After years of not touching a basketball, I suddenly have the desire to get my game on. I figured to get back into shape I'd better start with someone at my skill level. Here's me taking five-year-old Ryan to school.