Friday, December 31, 2004

The Day I Became a Man

If only I'd had my camera, if only I'd had my camera. Why didn't I have my camera? Now no one's going to believe me.

I became a man yesterday. I have two days off between the end of my time at Cyprus and starting my job at the Community College. I was planning on using it to work on my album, but decided a rite of passage was more important.

I drove down to Highland to work on my car with Hot Rod Aficionado Jonny Wix. Because, believe it or not, I never took shop class in high school, he was going to show me how to change my oil, transmission fluid and coolant.

The adventure began with a trip to the parts store in Pleasant Grove(take a left at the store with the bombs in front), where I felt like I was in Mansville--dudes in there, just shootin' the bull. It was like I was on King of Hill.

When we got back to the house I got to put on some cover-alls so we could get down to business. I found that just being in cover-alls increases your manliness at least 10 percent. When I actually got under the car, my manliness jumped another 50 percent, and when I opened that oil drain plug it went through the roof. The level dropped slightly after Wicks inspected the work I had done on installing the new filter and told me I had done it wrong.

After about an hour and a half (of Wicks' incredible patience) we were finished. I squirmed my way out of the cover-alls and went inside to eat a microwavable chimmy-changa. I had become a man. Boy, was it sweet.


Anonymous said...

Nice car, but if changing the oil is the rite of passage to becoming a man, someone sold you short or worse still sold me down the river. I was given a whole list to achieve before I could claim membership.

1)Owning a car. (Check)
2)Liking beer (Not checked)
3)Waking up with a woman whose name you can’t remember (Not checked)
4)Crashing a motorbike (Triple check)
5)Getting a job (Check)
6)Getting married (Check)

So no mention of oil. By my list, I’m still not there. (Bit late no for the items that I’m lacking I guess). So maybe I’ll use your system and then I can claim the title too. Is the type of car important? I hope not.

su-tang 3000 said...

A chimmy changa is just a type of burrito.