Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thug Life & Fake Death, R.I.P. Tupac

September 13 marked the 9 year anniversary of the death of Tupac Shakur. Here's the thing about Tupac, not only was he the best rapper in the game when he was alive, he's still the best rapper in the game today. You have got to hand it to a guy who recorded so much material before he died that there have been more Tupac albums of new material released posthumously than humously (is that a word?).

One drawback of releasing records after you're dead, is that you do lose some creative rights. Since his death, Pac has been teamed up with the likes of Eminem, Nate Dogg, and, umm, Elton John. I had forgotten all about the Elton/Tupac track "Ghetto Gospel" until happened to be listening to "Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 61" today(that's right in the UK, they're up to volume 61). Normally I would said that this would cause Tupac to spin in his grave, but since I believe he faked his death, I guess that I should say he's in the Cayman Islands counting his bags of money.

R.I.P. Tupac!

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Anonymous said...

yo man,
if you ever saw Tupac Resurection then you see that he wrote three songs a day, to be prepared. and most of his new albums have people like eminem and elton john because they did a remix to that song or were featured on an unreleased song.