Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Return of the Rentals

Apparently, ex-Weezer bassist and Rentals frontman Matt Sharp has finally come to his senses. After releasing the most mind-numbingly boring solo album of all time, he has decided that it's time to reunite the Rentals. Sharp is writing music, but hasn't said who's going to be in the band. It's too bad he hasn't decided to return to Weezer to see if he can do something for that trainwreck.

[Read the MTV story here. Thanks, Traci.]

A few years ago, Traci and I went to see the freshly solo Sharp perform at the University of Utah. I felt fine about hearing some new tunes, but I really wanted to hear some Rentals songs and maybe even some Weezer material. No luck. He and ex-Cake member Greg Brown played the slowest, most uninteresting music I have ever heard (and I've heard a lot of uninteresting music). After 45 minutes or so, we could handle it no longer and we walked out.

His solo album finally came out about a year later. Because I'm a sucker I downloaded it, thinking maybe it would be better than I remembered. Nope. It sucked. Despite the disappointment, I still have high hopes for the new Rentals.

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