Friday, April 18, 2008

Waiting for Max Power

I am constantly on cell phone watch these days, expecting to get the "I'm having a baby" call at any minute. However, I feel 100 percent unprepared for the arrival of this little guy.

I can't speak for Traci, but looking back at this pregnancy from my perspective, I'd say it's been kind of a rough go. Traci got pregnant right after we moved into our new house and felt lousy immediately. She was very sick, which was made more difficult by trying to chase Paige around and by having to try to unpack and organize a house at the same time.

Right after she started feeling better, she slipped and fell down the stairs. We were lucky that she didn't get hurt, other than the pain of landing right on her tail bone, which lasted a couple of long weeks.

After the stairs incident, Traci felt better for about a second before she started having the early contractions at five months. The doctor told her she needed to be on bedrest for a month (which she did half-heartedly at best). Now she's all healed up, just in time to fill lousy because she can't find a way to sleep comfortably at night. Through all of this, she's kept working (except for the bedrest era) and has taken care of our cute little monster.

I asked her a couple of months ago how many kids she wants to have, thinking that she would surely say that we'd be done after this one. She said at least three. I guess that if she said it while miserable, she must really mean it.

After this cute little boy greets us, I'm sure that we'll forget a lot of this, hence the blog to, you know, remember the misery.

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