Tuesday, April 21, 2009

David Bazan: Live @ Chelsea's House

David Bazan

House Show
Salt Lake City

In musical terms, “an intimate performance” usually means a show in a small club with a couple hundred people. I don’t know what you call it when you and 24 other people get to see an artist play an hour-long set in a friend’s living room. I guess if you’re a David Bazan fan, one word comes to mind—heaven.

David Bazan (the artist formerly known as Pedro the Lion) is down to the last three days of a six week house performance tour. A few months back, Bazan posted an open call to would-be show hosts on his website. The requirements were simple: have a house that would fit 30-50 people, live on a street with ample parking and neighbors that won’t call the cops, and have a chair for David to sit on while he plays his guitar.

A delightful Salt Lake City girl named Chelsea answered the call. Tonight her downtown loft became the best venue in town, filled with adoring fans sitting cross-legged on her floor. Bazan arrived at the house around 7:30 with his guitar in hand. He spent a half hour enjoying a few beers and mingling with the house guests and then took the
stage—er, the corner of the room—around 8:00.

Surrounded by seated adorers, Bazan strummed softly and bellowed mightily. He played a handful of songs from his back catalog, but saved the majority of the set list for material from his forthcoming album, “Curse Your Branches.” The record looks to be Bazan’s most introspective to date, revolving around his break with his Evangelical Christian upbringing.

In usual Bazan fashion, he paused after every few songs to allow time for questions. The group was quick to respond. Queries ranged from usual concert fare—favorite records, bands and such—to his thoughts on God and his religious family. Bazan thoughtfully responded to each inquiry and, at times, seemed so engaged in the conversation that the songs almost became an afterthought. And that was just fine.

The evening was about more than just the songs. The setting was perfect, the artist engaging, and the music gorgeous. This is how live music should be.


Allison and Noah Riley said...

That's awesome! And I love her loft, I'm a little jealous...

Cheeseboy said...

That is really cool. How did you get invited? Did you write an article about it?

su-tang 3000 said...

The show was open to the public. Tickets were sold his site, just limited to 25 people. It was awesome. Say Hi was good as well, you should feel bad that you missed it.