Monday, July 20, 2009

Pool Talk

The Sutherlands took their first family swimming trip of the year on Saturday night. This is was Curtis's first time at the pool (excluding his infant days) and Paige's first chance to show off her swimming lesson skills.

Not surprisingly, Paige can't swim. But she does like to stand up and walk through the shallow end, moving her arms as if she were swimming, and repeat, "I'm swimming! I'm swimming!" Thank you, Murray City for giving our child a false sense of confidence.

Whatever. At least the kids had a good time. Apparently, Traci did as well. Here's an excerpt from one of her monologues of the evening:

I'm officially the whitest person here.
And I'm fine with that.
I have red hair.
It's only society that says I need to be tan.

Maybe it's not Murray City that's giving Paige her confidence, maybe it's her mother.

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