Friday, December 11, 2009

My Streaming Heart is Broken

Stupid Myspace ruins everything. I headed over to my fav music streaming site to post some tunes on the blog when I noticed something different. It wasn't there anymore. Instead, I was redirected to crappy Myspace. Apparently, Myspace has purchased imeem and is in the process of wrecking it.

So I'm now searching for a new streaming solution. is okay but I like to listen by album. Any suggestions?

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Jamrock21 said... and are pretty good. When I found out that stupid myspace had bought imeem I cussed up a storm. Oh yeah, I just discovered your blog after seeing the Chef boyardee commercial and deciding to look it up. Google directed me to a 2005 post on your blog about the commercial that was absolutely hilarious! So now I've bookmarked this blog. Just wanted to let you know. :-)