Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Birds, More Bees (Less Insects)

I was right all along. Preschool is an evil place. More lessons on growing up:

Part I

Paige: I have so many best friends at school.
Me: That's great. Who are your best friends?
Paige: Shaelee and Riley and Kylie and Alana.
Me: Wow. That is a lot of best friends.
Paige: And I have one boyfriend.
Me: You do? Who is your boyfriend?
Paige: Hunter.
Me: Hunter, huh? Well, what's a boyfriend?
Paige: Hunter's my boyfriend.
Me: Why is Hunter your boyfriend?
Paige: Because Hunter wanted a girlfriend.

Oh, this little Hunter better watch out when he meets his girlfriend's dad.

Pt. II

I didn't need to snuff out Hunter. It looks like life did that for me.

Paige: Hunter wasn't at school today.
Me: Oh, he wasn't?
Paige: No. Maybe he had a cold.

[Two days later.]

Paige: Hunter wasn't at school again.
Me: Really, what happened to him?
Paige: Maybe he was taken away. By animals.

Yes, uh, animals. See you around, Hunter.

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Abbey Harper said...

My daughter's boyfriend is William, or 'Liam, as she says. It's an on-again/off-again relationship. This doesn't bode well for all her future boyfriends. She's fickle and if you don't do what she likes-You're OUT! I don't know where she gets that....