Tuesday, April 05, 2011

This Week's Music: Avril, Rise Against, Aquabats

One of these things is better than the others. (Hint: the answer is Rise Against.)

Rise Against - Endgame So much rage against the machine. Love it.

Aquabats  - High-Five Soup! Souds more like Yo Gabba Gabba and less like the Aquabats. I realize this is a subtle difference, but noticeable nevertheless. I've never been a big fan of the Aquabats, and even spent a few years being a hater. But I actually really liked their last album Charge! quite a bit, so I was bummed out about being bummed out by this one.

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby I like the Hot-Topic-angsty Avril, not the divorced-lady-ballad Avril. Not good. (Still the hottest of the three bands.)

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