Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bring Me My Slippers, Please

Having a two-year-old is a little like having a puppy. Tate loves to bring me things. He even fetches my slippers (whether or not I ask him to).

This is plenty sweet. The only problem is that he is very insistent--especially when he brings me these.

"Daddy. Slippers," he declares.

"Thanks, buddy. But I've gotta go to work. Can you hand me my shoes."

"No. Slippers."

"I can't wear slippers to work, buddy."

"Yes. Slippers."

So if you see walking around the office, rocking my Homer Simpsons, you'll understand.


jeff said...

I have the same slippers! Though it's a pain to cram my feet into them. Hopefully you have a bigger size. I pretty much only wear them on Christmas.

su-tang 3000 said...

Yeah, they are not actually a functional slipper. But awesome nevertheless, right?