Thursday, July 24, 2014

Curtis Finds Religion...Momentarily

Before I had kids, there was one part of parenting I had never imagined: the endless struggle to get kids to eat.

For eight solid years, every single meal has been a challenge. Why kids never want to eat at mealtime (and always want to eat the second the food's been put away or the second you sit down for any reason whatsoever) remains an unsolved mystery in this house.

Today I learned just how far my kids will go to avoid a planned meal.

Curtis doesn't care for church (e.g., refuses to sing in Primary programs, tells me he's NEVER paying tithing) but magically today, when I tell him it's time to sit down for lunch,  he tells me he's fasting. I would be impressed if by this mighty change of heart if he wasn't sitting on the stairs, cramming animal crackers into his faces as he says it.

Well played, Curtis, well played.

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