Sunday, December 07, 2014

Earrings for Boys

It's been almost a month since Paige had her ears pierced. So far, so good. No weird infections or earrings left on the floor for me to step on.

I've never had a pierced ear--even thought earrings were super cool when I was in junior high. Man, I wanted one so bad. 

One day in seventh-ish grade, I stopped by friend Ben's house after school.

"Uh, Ben. What are you doing with that ice on your ear?"

Luckily, I had showed up just in time to hear that gross popping sound that happens when you shove an earring through a half-numb earlobe.

We then stood together in the mirror, admiring the metal stud in an ear that was now bleeding profusely. Oh man, it was so cool.

Ben only had his earring for a couple of days. Until his dad found out about it. And promptly ripped it out of his ear, leaving him just a small hole and a puss-filled infection to show for it.

But it was still pretty cool.

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