Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Curtis can be incredibly sweet sometimes. He made this little Mother's Day card for Traci at school. But it was more than just a card, it also included coupons for stuff like a free back rub, a hug, and a song. 

After Traci thanked him, Curtis looked at her quietly asked, "Is there a coupon you want to use right now?"

"How 'bout a free hug?" Traci replied.

"You have to use the coupon."

She used the coupon. 

Tough but fair. 
Tate's Mother Day gift wasn't quite as sweet. 

On Mother's Day Eve, he fell asleep on our bed. Traci and I were downstairs watching TV and had kind of forgotten about him -- until we heard a bunch of screaming and crying. 

When we got upstairs, we saw that Tate had thrown up over every surface of our bedroom, with Traci's side of the bed being the epicenter. I took kid clean up duty. Traci was stuck with laundry details -- four loads after all was said and done. 

Happy Mother's Day, indeed. 

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