Sunday, January 15, 2017

Never Trust a Five Year Old to Plan a New Year's Party

We had a good Christmas break.

We visited Temple Square. 

And took a trip to the Natural History Museum. 

We went sledding. 

And saw a movie at the planetarium. 

But we saved Tate's favorite thing for last.  

A Utah Grizzlies game.

The boy loves hockey. He has his own pocket-sized Grizzlies calendar. Every night he tells me who the Grizz are facing and every morning he wakes up and asks Siri who won. 

When he asked me if we could go to the Grizzlies on New Year's Eve, I happily agreed. In fact, I invited my whole family to come along. 

(He was so excited for the game that we spent the morning watching an NHL alumni game on TV. Yes, we watched old, retired guys play hockey for three full hours. He's that into hockey.)

My sister Jenny and her family accepted the invite and we all loaded in the van and headed to he game. 

Traffic was light on the way to the game. In fact, it was so light that we when pulled into the stadium we noticed something interesting. 

We were the only ones there. 

"Uh, Spencer," my sister said.

She didn't have to finish the sentence. There clearly was no game. 

How did this happen? 

Tate told me they had a game. I even had him ask Siri to double check the start time. 

Stopped in the empty parking lot, we asked Siri again. The British voice (My Siri is a British man, thanks to my kids messing with the settings on my phone) confirmed the Grizzlies did, in fact, have a game on New Year's Eve.

In Allen, Texas. 

I guess I need to teach my five year old the difference between a home game and an away game. 

No hockey for us. 

Fortunately, all was not lost. We relocated the party from the hockey stadium to our house and Jenny brought along Pie Face

For Tate, getting hit in the face with a glob of whipped cream is not as good as a Grizzlies game. But almost.

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