Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I'm Not a Businessman, I'm a Business, Man

I just got back from a work trip with the CEO. In five days, we visited offices in four different states — Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina — which required us to take eight different flights.

Spending so much time with the leader of our company made me realize I'm not much of a businessman.

In between flights from Detroit to Grand Rapids, he hands me a Time magazine. "There's a really good article here about communication," he says. "I'm done with it if you want to read it."

"Thank you," I reply, and then slide it into my backpack.

Between the flight from Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale, he hands me Harvard Business Review. "There's a really great article in here about creating trust," he says.

"Thank you," I reply, as I slide the magazine into my backpack, next to the unread Time.

Then I go back to reading the book I brought from home.

And that's why I'd make a lousy CEO.

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