Sunday, May 10, 2009

(Potty) Train Wreck

I was reading a mommy blog the other day and the mommy author made reference to potty training being "not that big of deal." She then said that she thinks a lot of moms make a big deal out of a lot of stuff that isn't really that big of deal. Well, this mommy (or dad, whatevs.) has something to say about that!

Paige has been "potty trained" (those are sarcasm quotes) for months now. Yet nearly ever trip to the old water closet is a gigantic task. It has not been easy. Though it has certainly had some comical moment, overall, it is an incredibly frustrating endeavor.

Funny: Paige screams from the bathroom at the top of the stairs, "Mom, I did the poops! It looks like the letter C. No, it looks like a U."

Challenging: Paige, Curtis, Spencer at the Taylorsville library. Paige decides she needs to go RIGHT NOW. We hustle to the men's bathroom which contains two urinals and a stall. The stall is filled with a man, lots of grunting, an unimaginable smell, and no sign of ending soon. Spencer, seeing no other option, holds Paige over the urinal and hopes for the best.

Infuriating: Tonight Paige is tired and filled with rage. I try to get her to go the bathroom before she goes to bed, which she does. However, she refuses to put the toilet paper in the toilet after she is done. When I finally do so for her, she gets upset and grabs it back out of the toilet. Arrghhh!

Endearing: A few weeks back. I ask her if she can "do it by herself." No, she wants me to help her. Fine. What I didn't expect was her scooting over on the seat and saying, "Come on, dad."

What a lovable little monster. I will die a premature death.

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