Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At The Pharmacy - Celebrity Encounter #1

I didn't want to go the CVS Pharmacy to buy makeup remover. After my homie Rhett's wedding rehearsal dinner in Los Olivos, CA, Traci and I stopped at the Albertsons to pick up some breakfast supplies for the next morning. I was ready to head back to Rhett's parent's ranch in Lompoc but Traci thought it best to be a good guest and spare the white towels from the black mascara.

And that's when we saw him. Luke from The OC. Standing at the cash register next to us with a buddy. Buying massive amount of Smirnoff Ice and Bud Light. At the pharmacy. On a Friday night. In Buellton, CA.

Here are all of the things I thought about saying to him in the time it took the cashier to ring up all of the alcohol.

--Luke [I would call him Luke because I don't his real name - Chris Carmack - off the top of my head], we loved you in The OC. It was totally our favorite show. [True story.]

--Luke, I'm sorry you're dad turned gay at the end of the first season. [True.]

--Luke, you know it was all your fault that Marissa overdosed in Tijuana. [True again.]

--Luke, I loved you in Bring it On Part II [Lie. This is actuality the worst of the Bring it Ons.]

--Luke, I loved you in that movie where you were trapped on the desert island with Amanda Bynes. [True, but I wouldn't say "I'm sad you had to be in a movie with her after her head turned into a giant pumpkin. She was so cute in that movie when she snuck onto the boy's soccer team."]

Instead, Traci and I just looked at each other and said the following with our eyes:

--He's shorter than I thought

--He still has that '90s hair

--Why's he buying all this alcohol at the pharmacy?

This was pretty much the best Friday night in Buellton ever.


Noahr said...

Hey was going to tell you, I rode the subway with Kenneth the Page. There he was just sitting there looking all anxious.

Cheeseboy said...

That is so awesome. Also, Noahr's story is also so awesome.