Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Lance Bass, It's Like Looking in a Mirror - Celebrity Encounter #2

Who would have thought that a quick visit to Solvang, California (as close as I ever gotten to my Danish roots) would result in a brush with celebrity.

Back in the day, I was often mistaken for gay N*Sync astronaut, Lance Bass. So you can only imagine my reaction when I looked him right in the face at Paula's Pancake House.

I was walking to the bathroom, minding my own business, when I saw him out of the corner of my eye. (I was on heightened celebrity alert after seeing Luke from The OC the night before.)

I quickly returned to Traci.

"I'm 95% sure I just saw Lance Bass," I said in my Lucille-Ball-on-The-Simpsons whisper-voice.

"What? No you didn't."

To prove it, I took my handy little Flip camera and did some undercover videography. (I just looked at it. It's bumpy and you can see everyone but Lance Bass.)

Since I couldn't convince Traci thusly, she took matters into her own hands. Or rather, she took herself to the bathroom.

"It's him," she confirmed with ear-to-ear grin.

If you don't believe me--or Traci--go ahead and judge for yourself. Here's the shaky footage:

Yep, Lance Bass eating pancakes with a group of dudes in Solvang, CA on a Saturday morning.

He was gone by the time we left, so we were unable to say, "Bye, Bye, By-ye" to Mr. Bass.

Lance Bass and receding-hairline-me are no longer doppelgangers. My life is over.


Cheeseboy said...

I nominate this as "Greatest Blog Post of All Time".

Best line: Now that we know the truth about him, I hope he wasn't judging my outfit.

Well done. I rarely laugh out loud at anything online, but this I did.

Carolee said...

Yes, well done. Traci's last comments got a laugh out of me too. Now I have proof for RB that I'm not the only wife who is brutally honest at times.