Sunday, April 26, 2015

Curtis on Religion: Hymns

Curtis told me he wasn't going to listen to General Conference. True to his word, he played the iPad for pretty much the whole session. But that doesn't mean he wasn't listening. As conference ended, the organist played a postlude of Families Can be Together Forever. 

Without looking up from his game, Curtis said, "I don't even know this song. Every time we sing it in Primary, I don't listen. And I just mouth the words."

So there you have it.
In sacrament meeting the next week, all the kids were asked to come up and sing that very song. Paige marched up to the front. Curtis, as usual, refused to participate and instead hid under our pew. Tate, now a Sunbeam, had his first chance to sing with the Primary choir--but he was asleep on my lap.

We're not great at church.

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